Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Sleepy Day/New Wire in my Braces

It's day 1 of the challenge! And it was a weird day so I didn't get to take pictures until I came home from work. And the sun was gone. But from now on you'll have pretty pictures, I promise.
I got a new wire on my braces today. SORE! Yeah yeah I know. I'm 20 and I have braces.
My husband, Andrew helped me with pictures. This is my favorite from when we were trying to get the lighting right in our really dark apartment:
Happy remixing for those who are joining me!


  1. So cuuuute :) Can't wait to see your other remixes, babe!

  2. Hooray! Such a great outfit :D Love it :D

  3. haha, you are adorable. and i like this look!